Personal loans

Nurupay personal loans are loans tailored for individuals registered on Nurupay through our various channels. They can easily, in a matter of seconds, access loans from kshs. 100 to kshs. 50,000 for a period of two months depending on their credit score/ history and activity on our Nunua shopping application.Personal loans are disbursed to two segments of individuals:-
  1. Nurupay Individual loans:- :- these are unsecured loans given to individuals who have an account on Nurupay. The loan limit is determined by a user’s credit score on CRB and by profiles done by our machine learning algorithms that process thousands of data points to assess ones credit profile and create tailored loan products.
  2. Nurupay Corporate User loans:- This is for individuals that are employed and there is an MOU between Nunua and their companies/employer for a credit facility on Nurupay. Their loan limit is capped at kshs. 5000 and can grow to over 50,000.

Personal loans commercials
Amount of loan (ksh) Interest rate per day (capped to 10 days) Other charges (ksh)
1-10,000 0.50% 30(only on first loan)
10,000 -20,000 0.40%
20,000 – 30,000 0.32%
30,000 – 40,000 0.25%
40,000 – 50,000 0.15%

Qualifications for a personal loan
  1. Open a Nurupay personal account through any of our channels
    • Web channel on on
    • Download the nurupay/ Nunua app on android or IOS
    • Use the USSD channel *808*66#
  2. Verify your names and ID on our platform
  3. Pay an account activation fee of ksh. 200 for corporate users only sent to Paybill 866409 Acc number CLNUNUA.